At Maztrad Consulting, I focus on the soft dimension of change where people play a very important role. If the analysis is right and the vision is right, the rest is people. We start with the human and cultural context of change because that is the arena in which change succeeds or fails. Through education and culture-shaping, we support organisational change tailored to your company’s requirements, operational level, and stage in the process. In training your change-leaders or consulting on your change project, we operate on the premise of building resilience, flexibility, and sustainability into your process within a reasonable time and budget.

Results Accelerator

The Results Accelerator leverages your company’s existing strengths and implements these best practices across the organization.

The 12-week programme focuses on identifying areas of innovation excellence within a pan-continental or global organisation, bringing them to the attention of leadership, and creating large-scale implementation plans to extend results across the entire enterprise. It is designed to overcome problems created by silo mentalities in large, complex organisations and provides a significant ROI (return on investment).

More Innovative Training and Workshops

At the moment the following (on demand) training are being developed to meet the changing realities of our work place and environment;

  • HSEC
  • Terrorism and Counter Terrorism
  • Risk and Control